X-Ray Irradiator Systems Definition

What is X-Ray Irradiator Systems?

X-ray irradiator systems are machines that use X-rays to sterilize or mutate biological samples. These systems are commonly used in research labs, hospitals, and other medical facilities. X-ray irradiation can be used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, as well as to alter the genetic makeup of cells in order to study the effects of specific mutations. The samples are exposed to X-rays for a predetermined amount of time, which can range from seconds to hours depending on the desired outcome. X-ray irradiator systems come in various sizes and configurations with different levels of automation and user controls.


Synonyms of X-Ray Irradiator Systems

Synonyms for x-ray irradiator systems include x-ray irradiators, x-ray sterilization systems, and x-ray mutagenesis systems.


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