(3R)-4-Cyano-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Ethyl Ester (CAS 141942-85-0) Definition

What is (3R)-4-Cyano-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Ethyl Ester (CAS 141942-85-0)?

3R, 4-cyano-3-hydroxybutyric acid ethyl ester (CAS 141942-85-0) is a chemical compound with the formula C7H11NO4. It is a derivative of the naturally occurring amino acid, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). This compound is commonly used in the field of research as a precursor to BHB and as a substrate for enzymes that catalyze the formation of BHB.


Synonyms of (3R)-4-Cyano-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Ethyl Ester (CAS 141942-85-0)

Ethyl 3R, 4-cyano-3-hydroxybutyrate, Ethyl (3R)-4-oxo-3-cyano-3-hydroxybutanoate, Ethyl (3R)-4-oxo-3-cyano-3-hydroxybutyrate


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